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Heritage Stoke on Trent Fine Bone Bullet Mug - Anthina Turquoise
Most of us enjoy a cup of tea, and there is nothing more enjoyable than drinking tea from a good quality fine bone china cup or mug. This lovely bullet mug is individually boxed for gift giving, a perfect gift. 

Heritage Stoke on Trent Fine Bone Bullet Mug - Anthina Turquoise

AU$16.00 Regular Price
AU$12.00Sale Price
  • This beautiful quality fine bone china bullet mug range from Heritage, Stoke on Trent, in England have been handcrafted and gilded to closely represent the craftsmanship of early 19th and 20th century English manufacturers.
    Each mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

    The mugs are beautifully boxed for gift giving.

    RRP $20.00

    Heritage Stoke on Trent Bullet Mug - Anthina Turquoise
    Mug 9.5cm H x 8.5cm W. Holds 350ml
    UPC - 9342319014325
    MPN - MUGC693BA

    The Anthina Range from Heritage Stoke on Trent are a new design for the company and are just gorgeous. With the name Anthina, and the beautiful bold and bright colours of this range, I am sure they have been designed with the Greek Isles in mind. To me this range, depicts the vibrant flower colours and the azure waters of this Island nation. 

    The bullet mug is a very pretty floral design, featuring a very deep turquoise background , with very bold flowers in pink, yellow, blue and more.


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