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Eva Rosenstand Floba Cloth - 18count- Natural.

Eva Rosenstand even weave fabric is beautiful  to stitch with. 18 count is a very large open weave, used for stitching the Shepherds Bush stocking and wall hangings. When stitching with it you usually use perle 5.

Eva Rosenstand Embroiderery Floba -18count Natural

  • Eva Rosenstand Floba Cloth - 18 count Natural.
    50 x 60 cm cut piece.
    At Rapt Up Floba Cloth 18 is used for the stitching of the Shepherds Bush Christmas Stocking but could be used for any type of embroidery when a larger weave is required.
    The cut piece is large enough to accommodate a Shepherds Bush stocking.
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