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Charlie Bear 2023 Collection.

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we can are able to release this wonderful 2023 Charlie Bear Collection. This wonderful collection, includes the Isabelle Ltd Edition Collection, the Plumo, Plush, Bearhouse, and the Charlie Signature Collection. This wonderful collection of Charlie Bears is called "The Clock Tower Collection" which has been inspired by Charlie's fascination with time. The key pieces in the Isabelle Collection feature time related themes.

The Signature Collection, have gone down the Rabbit Hole, with four fabulous pieces from Alice in Wonderland.

The Bearhouse Collection features animals that are extinict.

The fabulous Plush Collection feature more names that Charlie Bear Collectors have suggested, Sweet Treats and more references to the time theme. The collection also is a real bright colour bomb, with some fabulously coloured fur.

Each Bear is lovingly made by hand, from the cutting of the fabric to the final details of the accessories. As each bear is hand made from a particular pattern, being hand made gives each bear its individuality and their own unique characteristics. This is why Charlie Bears are known as - BEARS WITH PERSONALITIES.
The collection has been the accumulated efforts of all the bear artists at Charlie Bears and is yet another stunning and amazing collection of Charlie Bears.

Charlie Bears was founded by keen bear enthusiasts Charlotte and William Morris in November 2005.
The Isabelle collection are the mohair, numbered Ltd Edition collection and each bear is presented in a cloth bag.
The Plush collection are made from a high quality acrylic fur that has the look and feel of mohair. Bags are available for the plush collection but only on request when an order is placed.
Both collections are highly collectable and are sought the world over by bear collectors.

Charlie Bear 2023 Bearhouse Collection - E Normous

  • Charlie Bear 2023 Bearhouse Collection - E Normous


    Animal Type - Dinosaur

    Size - 37cm

    Designer - Isabelle Lee - Co Designer Charlotte Morris

    Material - Plush

    Machine Washable

    Charlie Bears Bearhouse Collection are non jointed teddies that are perfect bears for children over 18 months. The range is made from high quality plush furs and filled with non allergenic poly fibre and polyester pellets to add weight. Even though they have been made with children in mind, the later collections are so wonderful that they have become very much adult collectable.

    The characters in the Bearhouse 2023 Collection have all been inspired by animals which are now extinct. However they have left their paw prints across time. 

    E Normous is a wonderful Stegasaurus from the Charlie Bear 2023 Bearhouse Collection. He has soft thick dense fur is green that is heavily tipped in black, along with green and tan. His head is black and green, and he has dark eyes, a hand stitched mouth and his paw pads are grey and beige. 

    He is a beautiful representation of a long ago animal that is now lost for all time. 






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