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Euclove is a family owned, Melbourne based company, with a passion for natural cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and perform brilliantly from combining nature’s beauty with functionality.
Our story begins over 50 years ago, when our mum, who has an incredibly green thumb, grew and sourced her own herbs and plants to help her large family and friends keep their homes clean and fresh, as well as fix many skin ailments from itchy bites to sunburn.
With that same commitment and passion to keeping our own families and home environment safe, we knew we needed to share what mum had given us on a larger scale. So to start with we have developed a beautiful new range of cleaning products using amazing natural ingredients including Australian Blue gum and eucalyptus oils, as well incorporating the exotic like the anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities of the Indian Clove oil.
With the need to keep our homes clean, without using harsh chemicals, this wonderful Euclove range only uses 100% natural ingredients, the products are anti bacterial, anti mould, anti fungal, safe on hands & antiseptic.

Euclove Natural Cleaning Products - Bathroom 300ml

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  • Euclove® Bathroom is a special formulation of powerful pure essential oils. All our essential oils are 100% pure, 100% natural and sourced from the best that Australia and India have to offer.

    Our Bathroom product uses the unique natural properties of pure Clove Oil from India. Clove has natural anti-mould properties and helps keep humid bathroom mould-free.

    Our pure essential oil based formulations give your bathrooms a unique, fresh, clean fragrance.
    Your surfaces will smell great and be naturally clean. Easily removes dirt. Tough on mould and grime.

    When sprayed and left on for a few hours it will kill mould and can then be wiped/scrubbed off, ideally with a microfibre cloth.

    Regular cleaning with Euclove Bathroom will help prevent mould occurring. Euclove Bathroom product is anti-mould, anti-bacterial, anti-septic and repels insects at the same time. It is 100% safe to use.

    Our cleaning products are free of harsh chemicals like Ammonia, D-Limonene, Bleach, Artificial Fragrance, Dyes & Colours, Sodium Lauryl-Laureth Sulphate (SLS), Parabens and Propylene Glycol that are typically found in chemical cleaning products.

    The 300 ml is our smallest size and comes in an easy to use spray bottle that can also be locked. Perfect for everyday or spot cleaning. Available in 500ml & 1000ml.

    As this product is made from natural ingredients, they will sometimes settle. For best results, please shake well before use.
    Spray directly onto bathroom surfaces and tiles, wipe thoroughly with soft dry or slightly damp cloth.
    To kill mildew, spray, leave for 12 hours – rinse & dry.
    For the best cleaning results, we recommend using a microfibre cloth. That way, you get cleaner surfaces with the same effort because the microfibre is picking up more particles than a normal cloth.

    High grade Premium Microfibre Cloths are available. So not only are they effective, they feel good and will last for more washes than a standard microfibre cloth.