Charlie Bear 2020 Collection.

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we can are able to release this wonderful 2020 Charlie Bear Collection. This wonderful collection, includes the Isabelle Ltd Edition Collection, the Minimo Ltd Edition Collection and the Plumo & Plush Collection.
This wonderful collection of Charlie Bears which is called "Anything is Pawsible" has been inspired by the nostalgia of nursery rhymes and classic storybooks, as well as a journey back through time. 

As you browse through the collection you will see characters & bears that will bring back memories of times gone by and will revoke many of your childhood memories.

Each Bear is lovingly made by hand, from the cutting of the fabric to the final details of the accessories. As each bear is hand made from a particular pattern, being hand made gives each bear its individuality and their own unique characteristics. This is why Charlie Bears are known as - BEARS WITH PERSONALITIES.
The collection has been the accumulated efforts of all the bear artists at Charlie Bears and is yet another stunning and amazing collection of Charlie Bears.

Charlie Bears was founded by keen bear enthusiasts Charlotte and William Morris in November 2005.
The Isabelle collection are the mohair, numbered Ltd Edition collection and each bear is presented in a cloth bag.
The Plush collection are made from a high quality acrylic fur that has the look and feel of mohair. Bags are available for the plush collection but only on request when an order is placed.
Both collections are highly collectable and are sought the world over by bear collectors.

Charlie Bear 2020 Minimo Collection - Little Gem


  • Charlie Bear 2020 Minimo Collection - Little Gem


    Limited Ediltion - No 251 0f 600 worldwide

    Size - 18cm.

    Designer Isabelle Lee - Co Designer Charlotte Morris

    Bear Family - Bijou & Jewel

    Little Gem is a gorgeous little unicorn from the Charlie Bear Minimo 2020 Collection.

    Charlie Bears have created three dainty miniature unicorns for this years collection. Unicorns are legendary creatures and a group of unicorns is known as a blessing.

    Little Gem unicorn is made from soft winter white mohair fur. She has the sweetest face with small black eyes, a handstitched mouth in pink, and of course the unicorn horn. She has a fluffy white mane and long fluffy tail.  Little Gem also has soft white hooves that have beige airbrushing that compliment her white fur perfectly. Her look is finished with a pale pink organza bow with glittery bead detail.