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Charlie Bear 2017 Isabelle Collection.

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we can are able to release this wonderful 2017 Charlie Bear Collection.
This wonderful collection which is called In a Land Far, Far Away, continues the fairy tale theme form last years Once Upon a Time them.
The collection has been the accumulated efforts of all the bear artists at Charlie Bears and is yet another stunning and amazing collection of Charlie Bears.

Charlie Bears was founded by keen bear enthusiasts Charlotte and William Morris in November 2005.
Each bear and friends have been lovingly hand made with the greatest attention to detail. All the bears and friends within all the collections are designed by both Charlotte and William as well as a number of very talented artists from around the world.
The Isabelle collection are the mohair, numbered Ltd Edition collection and each bear is presented in a cloth bag.
The Plush collection are made from a high quality acrylic fur that has the look and feel of mohair. Bags are available for the plush collection but only on request when an order is placed.
Both collections are highly collectable and are sought the world over by bear collectors.

Charlie Bear 2017 Minimo Collection - Gump

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  • Charlie Bear 2017 Minimo Collection - Gump.
    Grumpy gnomes, and pretty pixies .....they are all part of At The Bottom of the Garden Collection.
    MM - 175614B
    Designer Isabelle Lee - Co Designer Charlotte Morris
    Bear Family - Cuckoo, Fraggle, Midsomer, Pod, Teasel
    Ltd Edition - 321 & 322 of 1200

    Gump is from the Charlie Bear 2017 Minimo Collection. He is made from a rich buttermilk mohair fur and he has a wispy, cream alpaca beard and eyebrows. He wears a blue tunic, tied together with brown string and a green hat and boots.
    He spends most of his day with TEASEL, trying to misguide tourists, is known as a practical joker and his fireside tales make everyone smile!
    Gump Minimo is a fully-jointed, miniature mohair and alpaca knome.

    I am just completely in love with this adorable Bottom of the Garden series. Each one of them is just gorgeous, and the attention to detail is just wonderful.