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Alice's Bear Shop Collection.

It is with great excitement and anticipation, along with Charlie Bears, that Rapt Up can announce the  relaunch of the wonderful Alice's Bear Shop Collection. 


20 years ago Rikey Austin (the designer and Illustrator of Alice’s Bear Shop) brought us the stories and characters of Alice’s Bear Shop, they were hugely popular both as cuddly companions and story books to read. Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of Rikey’s control the production of this amazing range ceased. Rikey carried on working and illustrating but always had the dream of bringing back Alice and her friends exactly as she wanted them to be.

After a chance meeting between Rikey Austin and Charlotte Morris of Charlie Bears, these two creative and imaginative women discussed the possibility of the Alice’s Bear Shop range coming back and both agreed that as well as the charming and delightful designs and illustrations the other important factors were the quality of the product, the integrity of the designs and the ethics of the manufacturing and from that, the idea of Charlie Bears and Rikey Austin joining forces was born.

So, after two years of planning, Alice’s Bear Shop will make its welcome return in 2018 with all the original characters and books (who can forget the adorable Captain or Woodroffe and his growl?). Rikey has been busy updating the illustrations and designs whilst working with Charlie and the team on the creation of each of the characters so that they are exactly who they should be.

Rikey is still the creative force behind the range and all the characters are borne out of her illustrations and stories, Charlie Bears will bring their experience of manufacturing, quality, safety and ethics to the story and in October this year we will see the doors open to Alice’s Bear Shop once more!

Alice's Bear Shop by Charlie Bears - Alice Bear Shop Collection - Sandy

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  • Alice's Bear Shop Teddy Bear Collection - Sandy


    Made from soft huggable Plush.

    Machine Washable.

    Suitable for 18months +


    Sandy is another adorable bear from the Alice's Bear Shop Collection. She is very pretty with her golden blond plush fur and has an adorable face, with dark eyes and a handstitched nose in black.
    She  is wearing a beautiful cream pinafore style dress, with a lace trimmed petticoat and knickers. She is also wearing a satin ribbon headband with a bow.  She also has a pink and blue dress sets, which are available to buy separately.

    Just around the corner from Alice's Bear Shop there lived a very talented artist whose paintings never failed to make people smile.  Filled with the desire to make a little girl or boy smile in the same way, Sandy left the artists studio to live her very own unique adventure.
    In the storybook "Sandy Paints A Picture" she gets in a terrible mess, with paint all over her pretty cream dress, but Alice has cleaned her up and she is now as good as new.
    All the plush toy characters from the books are great for bringing the storybook to life and will encourage creative play in children of all ages - so why not also buy SANDY PAINTS A PICTURE storybook and have lots of interactive fun, whilst encouraging your child to read.You could also add one of the Art Series Prints to match, together with one of the pin badges making a wonderful gift for a Teddy Lover, no matter what age.

    The Series One Art Prints & the Series One Pin Badges are not going to be reproduced, this is your only chance of purchasing whilst they are available.